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Available Internship in Australia

Marketing and Communication

Location: Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Australia
Company Profile: This company is a marketing consultancy business, specifically working with small to medium enterprises in developing and implementing effective marketing strategies. They act as an outsourced marketing director for business or on a project by project basis. They have offices nationally.

Training Provided

  • Conducting marketing research
  • How to compile and analyse research results
  • Observing the development of Brand Strategies in a workshop environment
  • Observing the development of marketing plans for clients
  • Implementation of marketing plans

Location: Melbourne, Australia
Company Profile: (88) The Company is the leading provider in Australia of point-of-purchase solutions, and is part of the largest merchandising and in-store communications provider in the world.
For many years they have been supplying retailers, brand manufacturers, sales promotional, advertising and print companies with a wide range of new concept ideas for price ticketing, merchandising and sales promotional activities. Their extensive product range is designed to enhance the overall appearance and image of products displayed in retail outlets with the purpose of stimulating sales at the point of purchase.
Training Provided:
Observe the General Manager of Sales and Marketing in implementing Marketing strategy including:

  • Developing email campaigns
  • Website development (visual not technical)
  • Product branding
  • Development of prospect database
  • Coordinating and attending corporate event and seminars

Event Management

Location: Sydney, Australia
Company Profile: (369) This Company brings brands to life and inspires consumer passions through live events and experiences. They started in London in 1999 and this is still their head office location. They are increasing their overseas presence and now have six offices around the world.
Training Provided:
Support of an internationally experienced team
Assistance with English if required
Exposure to the events industry and the opportunity to learn how each department (sales, operations, Marketing etc) work together to create live events
Exposure to localising events for different locations and audiences
Exposure and input to the marketing mix including media, PR, DM, online/ digital, eDM etc
Opportunity to attend a live event


Field:   Special Education
Location:  Sydney & Brisbane, Australia
Company Profile: This is a school for children with a disability. Students who attend this school have a verified intellectual disability resulting in high support needs and significant learning and teaching adjustments. Students may also have a verified disability in one or more of the following areas: autistic spectrum disorder, hearing impairment, physical impairment, vision impairment ascertained. Students may also require individual support for a range of medical issues such as epilepsy or diabetes. The students represent a wide variety of cultural heritages including Greek, Italian, English, American, Dutch, Chinese, Maori, Thai, Rarotongan, Indian, and German.
Training Provided: This school provides on-the-job training for under-graduate teachers, social educators and teacher aides

Field: Education
Location: Sydney, Australia
Company Profile: The school has a friendly and caring liveliness that is reflected in the smiling faces of its students. Each student is treated with respect and encouraged to work to the best of their ability. We offer rigorous academic, music and sporting programs.
Training Provided: Teacher’s Aide in a primary school. All aspects of teacher training provided in the classroom & sporting activities.

Field: Education
Location: Sydney & Melbourne, Australia
Company Profile:
The school provides educational programs for students with moderate to high support needs. The school caters for 63 students, 4-18 year olds across 10 classes. There is a qualified special education teacher and teacher’s aide in each class. Their programs support students with a moderate to severe intellectual disability, who may also have additional support needs related to autism, physical disabilities and/or sensory disabilities. The physical environment of their indoor and outdoor learning areas specifically address the many and varying special needs of the wide range of students enrolled
Training Provided:

  • Assisting individual or small groups of students with their programs
  • Using computers and communication devices for non verbal students
  • Class excursions and community access/ travel training
  • Specialist lessons: Swimming (heated pool), Cooking in kitchen, gym, library & multi sensory room
  • Work together with our School Counselor (psychologist) and introduction to their tasks: Assessments, interviewing & reporting to parents, designing & implementing behavior plans etc.
  • Inclusion in staff meetings and Training & Development sessions
  • Take on a project with an individual or small group of students

Graphic Design & Web Design

Field: Software Development
Location: Brisbane, Australia
Company Profile: The Company is a leading Business Website Design & Software Development company. Providing world class Internet / Intranet solutions and bespoke application development.
Training Provided:

  • Corporate website SEO
  • Graphics
  • Research & Development

Field: Graphic Design
Location: Sydney, Australia
Company Profile: Formed in 1993, the company have developed into a substantial and diversified design practice. They have extensive experience designing for the arts, community, government and commercial environments. With a dedicated team of eclectic talents, they handle all communication requirements. From graphic fundamentals to web, exhibition, environments and production, their design firm covers all aspects. Their design studio has worked with leading corporations, government bodies, councils, and community organisations to produce numerous award-winning projects, which have since become highly recognised within both the corporate and community sector. 

Training Provided: In line with the company’s focus on ‘education is integral’, they offer voluntary internships to students from approved educational institutions. Such internships provide students from a variety of disciplines with the opportunity to gain experience, skills and knowledge in the arts and culture industry. They currently offer internships to students studying arts administration, public relations, advertising, and marketing as well as graphic and exhibition design.

The staff are available to assist interns complete assigned projects.

*Please note that these specific profiles may not be available but alternative companies providing similar training can be arranged.

Available Internships in Australia


Location: Sydney, Australia
Company Profile: The company offers the widest range of enjoyable and affordable tours out of Sydney, including the Blue Mountains, Hunter Valley, Canberra, South Coast, Whale Watching, and Dolphin Watching. They have entertaining guides, friendly groups and an interactive tour that is easy to arrange.
Training Provided:

  • Phone and internet bookings and inquiries
  • Book preferred suppliers for tours
  • Research potential suppliers for new tours
  • Prepare tour material for driver / guides
  • Weekly meetings with manager to plan upcoming tours
  • Day to day office administration
  • Presentations and sales – particularly with universities

Location: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Australia
Company Profile: The Company is the foremost supplier of hotel accommodation. It is the fastest growing travel trade supplier. They enjoy exclusive relationships with global tour operators, chains and independent hotels across the globe. They provide reservations to an unrivalled 70,000 properties worldwide, with a view to increasing inventory to 100,000.

They launched a brand new website and booking system, created in-house by a dedicated team of developers. Over 2000 travel companies across Australia already connect to this platform, benefiting from connections to leading accommodation wholesalers, hotel chains and independent hotels across the globe.The sister company drives an exclusive front and back-office system. Its technology is today one of the fastest and most unique travel distribution technology in the world. This proprietary technology and state-of-the-art booking engine distinguishes itself from any other in the market with more unique features. The company aims to be Australia’s 1st choice for booking travel, and the preferred partner of all major travel groups.
Training Provided: The Intern’s will receive hands-on experience while gaining exposure to the real world of marketing.
Training will include but is not limited to: Operations of sales and service team, observing the team achieve their goals, making calls to agents and trying to help them, dealing with suppliers to book special requests for customers, spending time with your trainer to better understand the travel industry in Australia.

Location: Sydney, Australia
Company Profile: The Company started in 1990 with its first retail store right on the beach. Since then, they have grown into a worldwide Surfing name which has services in Surf Retail, Surfboards, Surf Schools, Surf Photography and Surf Travel. They own resorts & surf camps around the world. They also operate a successful surf school on their local beach, which has been operational for just over a decade.
Training Provided: The intern will be provided with skills in the following areas:

  • travel and tourism 
  • marketing and web design
  • graphic arts
  • video and editing

All applicants will be expected to learn the business from the ground up. They would expect interns to show initiative, passion and self motivation towards their chosen skills. They would not only offer great experience to the interns but also the opportunity to do an internship in a beautiful environment- the beach.


Location: Sydney, Australia
Company Profile: The Company is a boutique financial services firm providing financial planning and wealth management services predominantly to high net wealth individuals & families.

Training Provided: The intern will be trained closely by Associates, Investment Administrators, Administration Assistants and Senior Advisers. The intern’s training will include the following:

  • Compiling market update letters
  • Fee calculations & quarterly reports to send to clients
  • How to research for the Investment Committee
  • Transfer information to the client database ( and update relevant client information)

Location: Melbourne, Australia
Company Profile: This company is in financial advice across a range of services including stock broking, financial planning and finance. The focus is on private clients and looking after all their financial affairs. They provide quick advice to assist in developing clients portfolios.

Training Provided:

  • General finance office management
  • Compliance, administration and general workings of firm
  • Client information distribution
  • Account maintenance
  • Special projects – specific to stock broking industry

Location: Brisbane, Australia
Company Profile: The company is a financial planning firm specialising in the following areas:

  • Home loans and mortgages
  • Tax planning
  • Insurance and superannuation
  • Investing in property

Training Provided:

  • Sales
  • Client goals & objectives
  • Home loan training – process and purpose
  • Investment strategy
  • The importance of financial planning
  • Building rapport / client relationships
  • Speaking with prospect clients
  • Time management / organisational skills


Location: Sydney, Australia
Company Profile: The company has been operating since 1996. A large proportion of the business is designer based and as such they deal with many interior designers and architects. Their retail showrooms are based in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs and in the Lower North Shore. They also have a warehouse facility in close proximity to the ports and airport.

Training Provided:

  • Showroom sales, promotions, website etc.
  • Learn from Managing Director regarding business administration and procedures.
  • Training in Warehousing, Stock Control and Logistics at the warehouse facility.
*Please note that these specific profiles may not be available but alternative companies providing similar training can be arranged.