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Working holiday pay rates in Australia

National minimum wage is AUS$ 19.49  per hour or AUS$ 740.80 per week, but pay can vary depending on type of work.

Bar staff / Waiting / Hospitality staff

Hospitality staff in metropolitan areas can expect to earn anywhere from AU$ 20 - AU$ 25 an hour plus tips. Tips can often equate to AU$ 50 - AU$ 200 p/w. In outback areas you will receive anywhere between AU$ 200 - AU$ 300 a week, plus all meals and accommodation. Working full time hours in both locations would roughly equate to the same take home at the end of each week.

Office / Administration

Pay for even basic administration roles such as data entry or a general admin assistant is very good in Australia. You’ll earn a minimum of AU$ 18 an hour and this can go up to AU$ 25 or more! Most roles are full time.

Au Pair / Childcare

Remuneration packages vary depending whether the position is live-in or live-out. With live-in positions you are supplied with all accommodation, food and up to AU$ 500 a week, depending on the number of hours you are required to work. If the position is live-out, then you are normally paid an hourly wage in the region of AU$ 15 - AU$ 20.

Trades & Labour

This industry’s wages are highly dependent on skills and experience. As a basic entry level with your boots and white card you’ll earn around AU$ 19 an hour. Bring with you skills, experience and knowledge though and your wage can exceed AU$ 30 an hour!

Farming / Farm Hand

Wages for farming are normally supplied with accommodation and food. You therefore will earn a package for the week of anywhere between AU$ 200 and AU$ 400. Experienced workers or those with tractor driving experience can receive over AU$ 750p/w.

Harvest work / Fruit Picking

This kind of work is normally paid on a piece rate, therefore hard work and long hours can see you earning AU$ 800- AU$ 1000 per week. Take a laid back approach and you will earn around AU$ 400-AU$ 600.


Most jobs in accountancy tend to be basic entry level roles. However the numbers still stack up and will see you earning anywhere between AU$ 30 and AU$ 35 an hour!


Telemarketing roles are paid at both a base wage with commission on top. Base wage is normally around AU$ 18 - AU$ 20 an hour, with commissions taking you over AU$ 1,000 a week.

Sales / Fundraising / Promotions

There are a mixture of roles paying base rate plus commission or commission only. Base rate plus commission roles tend to offer AU$ 20 - AU$ 25 as a base. The commission only based roles should be treated with caution. They claim you’ll earn over AU$ 1,000 a week, but this is not for everyone.

Nursing / Healthcare

This industry pays well in Australia with the wage sure to look after you too. You can expect to earn anything from AU$ 20 - AU$ 55 per hour.