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LSI Brisbane demi pair programme

Study for a minimum of 10 weeks at LSI , make great friends, gain valuable child-minding experience, travel to a new country, improve your English and increase your job and study prospects.

LSI offers students the opportunity to study English through language immersion and live and work as a Demi-Pair. Demi-Pairs receive food and accommodation in return for 15-20 hours work per week assisting their host family.

  • Minimum level of English required: Intermediate
  • Minimum course length: 10 weeks of General 20, Intensive 24, or Intensive 30
  • Driving license preferred
  • Visa type: Working Holiday Visa or Student Visa
  • Student Visa holders can only work for the duration of the LSI student visa
  • Working Holiday Visa students: Time allowed to work in one family is subject to country regulations
  • Please contact StudyAustralia EU for costs involved and further information

Program Overview:

The Demi Pair program is a great opportunity for students to learn the English language in Brisbane and experience Australian’s lifestyle at the same time. Demi Pairs are being placed in a host family for 12-24 weeks and study at the same time at LSI for a minimum of 10 weeks. Demi Pairs are required to work 15-20 hours per week which includes helping out host families with child minding and light household duties. In return, demi pairs receive free accommodation in a single room and three meals a day. Demi Pairs do not receive any pocket money from the families. 

The agreement includes that the Demi Pairs have two days off per week which has to be discussed with their host families upon arrival. It is to note that these two days do not need to be the weekend; it is up to the host families to decide which days are chosen. 


The requirements to become a Demi Pair are:

  • Intermediate English level 
  • Age 18 – 27 
  • Must have childcare experience 
  • Happy to help the families with household duties (eg. Cleaning, laundry…)

Demi Pairs are recommended to come on Working Holiday or Work and Holiday Visas. When deciding on arrival dates, please ensure that the Demi Pair arrives a few days prior to the class starting date. 

The Demi Pair can start classes any Monday for General English, so we recommend the Demi Pair to arrive the Friday or Saturday before. 

The Host Families:

Our host families are chosen with care. They have to undergo several steps including an interview and a house visit before they get approved. All host families live within a 50-minute bus ride from LSI and the city. 

Upon Arrival:

Demi Pairs are picked up at the airport when arriving in Australia and get dropped off at their host families. On their first day of school, they are required to arrive at school at 8:30am and they are attending an orientation session to be welcomed to LSI and Brisbane. Also, during their first week at school, the Demi Pair Coordinator has a private chat to each new Demi Pair to clarify any questions. 

Throughout the whole period of the Demi Pair Program, there will be regular meetings between the Demi Pair and the Coordinator to ensure a successful placement. It is a wonderful experience for both, the Demi Pair and the host family and the Demi Pairs will improve their English much faster when living with an English speaking family. 

Fees and charges 2024:

  • Demi Pair First Placement Fee (12 weeks) AUS$ 795 on top of the language course fee
  • Au Pair Second Placement fee (12 weeks) AUS$ 795 on top of the language course fee

The First Placement Fee includes:

  • Arrival airport transfer - Orientation session with city tour
  • All documentation necessary - Any mediation necessary
  • Assistance with integrating into the new family - LSI 24-hour emergency contact
For more information, please email StudyAustralia EU <- click for e-mail

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