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PCW Melbourne (Windsor, Victoria) girls school


In 2014, PCW Melbourne celebrates over 140 years of sustained commitment to education for all, inclusion and social justice. The College's diverse community reflects the contemporary Australia this generation of young women will lead –internationally connected, interested in excellence, innovative and open to change. PCW Melbourne has always been a school of its time - looking forward, taking risks, providing challenges. In the 1880s our graduates were at Melbourne University, establishing a tradition of achievement and leadership that the College continues to embrace and reflect.

PCW Melbourne is a learning-teaching school, with highly qualified, expert staff and a very wide range of studies and programs. As a base school for Melbourne University's Masters of Teaching, PCW Melbourne is a leading educator of emerging teachers. Research partnerships with Monash and Swinburne Universities contribute to the knowledge of staff and maintain a vital connection with the contemporary education discourse.

PCW Houses

The four Houses were formed in 1940 by the Principal at the time Mother Bertrand Rahilly, who was very interested in sport and wanted to encourage students to become more active. Within their House girls compete in the Music Festival, Athletics and Swimming as well as participating in other sports.

In order to make homeroom time a more pastoral experience for senior students and ensure teachers and students develop positive relationships with their students/peers, a vertical homeroom structure was introduced in 2012. This system supports the senior school model we have established for students in Years 10 – 12.

What does it look like?

  • Combined homerooms for Years 10, 11 & 12 only
  • Groups divided into 4 Houses
  • Same Homeroom Teacher for 3 years
  • Same Head of House for 3 years

The wellbeing of students is at the heart of everything we do at PCW Melbourne. It refers to action taken within our school by its leaders and community members to promote and enhance student wellbeing of a personal, social, physical, emotional, mental or spiritual nature. Key elements of student wellbeing are positive self-esteem, respect for others, positive relationships, responsible behaviours and personal resilience.

The International Student Program at PCW Melbourne began in 2010. This program augments our existing diverse community and makes a significant cultural contribution to the life of our school. In developing the program, we have formed a partnership with Australian International Education Consortium (AIEC), Brisbane. Along with CBC St Kilda, we are their first partner schools in Melbourne.

Through the partnership, prospective students would complete their English language at the Hawthorn Language Centre in Melbourne.

Why would you send your daughter to an all girl's school?

Study at PCW Melbourne

Enrolments are available for Years 9, 10, 11 and 12. While the usual commencement date will be February, depending on the level of study completed in their home country and the timing of their English language program, students may commence in April, July (start of Semester 2) or September. PCW Melbourne is renowned for its multi-cultural, ethnically and socially diverse community. In the globally connected world of our young people, interaction with students from other countries is an accurate and powerful reflection of the century into which they have been born and that they will dominate as a generation. There is an inherent educative dimension in broadening our enrolment to include International students.

Our curriculum promotes academic achievement leading to further education, training and work. Subject selection and careers advice is a 1:1 program, ensuring each student has opportunities to experience success and find their pathway beyond school. The twenty-two year partnership with CBC St Kilda provides co-ed senior classes in 36 VCE studies as well as 18 VET studies and Intermediate and Senior VCAL. Our Year 9 program ‘Eachtra’, offers a year of adventurous learning. Being located 5kms from the CBD, enables us to create a dynamic curriculum that extends well beyond the classroom.

PCW Melbourne is at the forefront of contemporary educational technology with in-classroom electronic applications, iPads for all students and staff, 24/7 online communications for students, staff and families including regular, live, constructive and ongoing feedback on assessments.

Senior School

PCW Melbourne offers students accessible pathways to university, training and further education or employment. As students progress through the middle years they are assisted in developing a course plan that will aid their transition into senior school, and in choosing the appropriate senior certificate for their desired pathway – VCE, VET, VCAL. To support this work, PCW Melbourne has partnered with specialist educational consultant, Annie Rubira, to help students understand the myriad of career and tertiary options available post secondary school. The curriculum at senior levels offers multiple pathways for students. The VCE (Victorian Certificate of Education) provides students pathways to further education at University, TAFE & employment. PCW Melbourne offers over 35 VCE studies over a wide range of learning areas. VCAL is a recognised senior school qualification and focuses on ‘hands on’ learning for students wishing to enter training programs or employment. Since being a VET pilot school in 1993, PCW Melbourne has offered students a wide range of VET studies, alongside the VCE program, broadening the subject choices and career options. PCW Melbourne is part of the IMVC (Inner Melbourne Vet Cluster) enabling students a choice of 18 VET studies both on and off campus. VET (Victorian Education & Training) enables students to combine this with their VCE or VCAL studies and pursue industry based subjects.

School fee (2020):

AUS$ 23,000 per year payable in 2 installments at least 6 months in advance 

Homestay fee (arranged through Australian Homestay Network):

AUS$ 300 per week

This includes: insurance, emergency telephone support, food and accommodation

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