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Geelong College (Geelong, Victoria)


The Geelong College, founded in 1861, is one of Australia's finest coeducational day and boarding schools. Home to around 1,200 students and more than 200 specialist teachers in Newtown, Geelong, The Geelong College is a thriving learning community where tradition and innovation are woven into the ethos and practices of the school. The Geelong College educates students to become confident, competent and well-rounded young people who are learning to lead fulfilling lives.

Our academic record is consistently strong, reflecting the quality of our teachers and a curriculum supported by Strategic Education Plan that encompasses all round education. We are an open enrolment school that aims to help all types of learners to achieve their best. Boarders have a structured daily study plan and are offered dedicated tuition in all subjects.

We have an extensive co-curricular program offering opportunities in music, sport, drama, dance, debating and the outdoors. Co-curricular activities are an important and exciting part of our school lives, enabling broader learning, self discovery and developing confidence in our students.

The boarding community is the heart and soul of the school with around 100 boarders in two on-site boarding houses. We currently have International students from Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Germany, in addition to Australian students from country Victoria, Interstate and Melbourne. This diverse range of students from Year 9 to Year 12 live together and this provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to develop lifelong friendships and memories, learn independence and the value of involvement.

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Learning at Geelong College
A Geelong College education is rich in opportunities across curricular, co-curricular and personal learning. From our Reggio Emilia inspired Early Learning Centre through the Preparatory School to the final years at Senior School, students are guided by expers and learn through a range of experiences.

Preparing every student for their own bright future is our challenge and we offer one of the most diverse curricular offerings in the state to ensure every student has the opportunity to explore their talents and interests and find their way to the stars.

Adopting the UNESCO model for Educating in the 21st Century, we have structured our educational programs around four interrelated pillars of education and set out our major priorities:

Learning to know
The basis of this learning is the joy of knowing, understanding and discovering. This pillar involves the cognitive dimension of learning: acquiring knowledge, skills and understanding; fostering learning skills and cultivating intellectual character.

Learning to do
Possibly the most effective and satisfying way to learn is through 'doing'. This pillar involves the application of knowledge and skills: authentic 'real life' learning, developing productive skills and preparing progressively for the world of work.

Learning to be
Education must also contribute to the all-round development of each individual - mind, body, sensitivity, aesthetic sense, personal responsibility and spiritual values.

Learning to live with others
Learning how best to live with others is one of the major issues in society today. This pillar involves the social and cultural dimensions of learning and our responsibility to help students to understand diversity and the interdependence of human life so that people might better cooperate for the individual and common good.

Differentiated learning
We understand that people learn at different paces, in different ways and respond to different challenges so we aim to identify individual needs and provide an engaging environment for everyone through a variety of approaches to learning. Students receive the support they need to accomplish set tasks from both teachers and specialist staff, and opportunities to extend and challenge students are offered both in class and through a range of interest groups and programs.

TUITION FEE 2022 including boarding on campus

AUS$ 59,260 years 11 and 12 

AUS$ 54,104 year 10

AUS$ 46,268 year 9

AUS$ 42,616 year 8

Pocket money, healkth insurance and personal expenses are not included

Notebook computers: The College requires all students from Year 9 to Year 12 to have a specified notebook computer for work in class. Notebooks are to be supplied by the College. Rental for this notebook will be charged on each term’s fee account.

Music (optional): 46,50 AU$ for each 30 minute of private tuition (Musical instruments can be hired by arrangement)