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Clayfield College (Brisbane, Queensland)


Clayfield International (CI) provides Secondary School Preparation and English Language courses for international students. Upon completion of the Secondary Preparation Courses, students are assisted to enroll into either Clayfield College or to other prestigious Australian secondary schools or colleges. Clayfield International is a vibrant, globally-oriented learning community where our students are culturally enriched and prepared for their place in the world.

As a student at Clayfield International, you will experience a family-like community that values you as a person and cares for your welfare. Our teaching staff is well qualified, experienced and respected, and will focus on your language needs as you enjoy excellent facilities within our ELICOS (English Language Intensive Courses to Overseas Students) Centre. Clayfield International welcomes students from all around the world. It is an exciting place where you will make new friends and learn new things as you prepare to continue your education in an Australian school. We believe that Clayfield International will help you to achieve your goals.

Clayfield International is situated in the leafy and well-established inner-northern Brisbane suburb of Clayfield. The College is only six and a half kilometers from the central business district.

Clayfield College Boarding House is located in the beautiful inner-northern Brisbane suburb of Clayfield. Boarding at Clayfield College started in 1939, eight years after the school was established.

The Clayfield College Boarding House caters for young girls from Year 5 to Year 12. Boarding students come from all states and territories of Australia as well as from overseas. Within Australia, students come from metropolitan and rural areas alike. Internationally, girls travel from all around the globe including Asia and the Pacific Islands.

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Study at Clayfield College 2021

The name of the course students undertake is the English Language Study (10 - 40 weeks). The course is a Secondary School Preparation Program and consists of four course levels that integrate English language learning, language skills, main school subject area content, study skills and cultural information in order to provide a framework for a total learning experience for students. This experience is aimed specifically at assisting students to participate effectively in subject area classes in high school and also in the wider community.

There are school holiday periods at the end of each 10 week term. Where a term does not last for ten weeks, for example when Easter is early, students will not be disadvantaged, as the following term will be one week longer.

The maximum time a student can be in the Clayfield International is 40 weeks. Towards the end of each term, time is spent in total immersion in the High School.

The Middle School at Clayfield College

Middle Schooling (Years 6 to 9) forms a transition between Junior Schooling, where pastoral care is classroom based and where core classroom teachers deliver the majority of the curriculum, and Senior Schooling, where pastoral care is based on a vertical House system and the curriculum is delivered by subject based specialist staff.

The Curriculum and pedagogy used in this phase are designed to meet the needs of the students in this particular age group.

The Senior School at Clayfield College

The overall organisation of the Senior Schooling phase of education is the responsibility of the Head of Senior Schooling. The pastoral care of the students in this phase is organised around a vertical House system. All Year 6–12 students are placed into vertical pastoral care groups in one of six Houses.

The curriculum is subject based with each subject being taught by specialist staff. Year 10 is a precursor year to Years 11 and 12 with subject offerings providing a 'taste' of the subjects offered in the final years of schooling. The success of the students undertaking this phase is a result of the work undertaken in the three final years of schooling based on the solid foundation of Junior and Middle schooling.


AUS$ 34,930 per year tuition years 7 - 12
AUS$ 17,465 per semester tuition years 7 - 12
AUS$ 24,720 per year boarding years 7 - 12
AUS$ 12,360 per year boarding years 7 - 12

AUS$ 32,180 per year tuition years pre - 6
AUS$ 16,090 per semester tuition years pre - 6

Pocket money and personal expenses are not included