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Kaplan International Colleges (Australia)


You can learn English with Kaplan in over 40 cities in all parts of the world. With us, you can have your choice of the type of student experience you're looking for - whether that's life in the big city, or a relaxed seaside vacation course. We offer a wide range of courses in all of our locations, so you decide how long you want to study for, how many hours a week you spend in the classroom, and which English skills you focus your studies on.

Australia is the land of sun, surf and the student lifestyle! Kaplan has English schools in Australia’s most popular destinations, and close to some of the world’s best beaches. Spend your weeks learning English and hanging out with your friends at Kaplan, then head into the outback or off on a scuba diving trip to the Great Barrier Reef for the weekend. If you’re a surfer, check out our awesome beachfront English school in Sydney Manly!

Our busy social calendar will keep you active and enjoying what this beautiful country has to offer. From symphony performances at the Sydney Opera House to white water rafting down Tasmania’s Franklin River, Australia has something for everyone, every day of the week.

Our Vacation English courses are a great way for you to explore a new country and learn the language while you’re on holiday. A lighter course load and more sightseeing time means you’ll be able to make the most of your time abroad.

An English Academic Semester course is a great way to immerse yourself in learning English. Spend a semester learning English and getting to know a new location. Watch your language skills grow dramatically during your time studying English!

Kaplan’s Work and Study Australia courses let you learn English and work in Brisbane, Australia. You’ll study English for 3 to 6 months and we’ll set you up with three job interviews to help you gain some valuable work experience.

Kaplan has English Study Colleges in Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns, Perth, Sydney and Sydney Manly.

Study with Kaplan International Colleges in Australia

General English Courses focus on the four main aspects of language: reading, writing, listening and speaking. These courses offer a semi-intensive English education that will help you learn quickly and effectively. You’ll also learn vocabulary and grammar, and how to speak in formal and informal discussions, interviews and strategies.

Intensive English Courses focus on the four most important aspects of language learning – reading, writing, listening and speaking. These courses offer more lessons than our General English courses, and allow you to focus on skills that you want to improve. Learn to communicate quickly and effectively on an Intensive English course. You will also learn grammar and vocabulary that will be useful in every day English. We offer skills courses that cover topics from Current Affairs to English for Business.

Vacation English courses run from two weeks to as long as you’d like to stay, and take up around four hours a day, five days a week. The rest of the time is yours to do anything you want – sightseeing in your new city, taking part in your school’s organized social events, or hanging out with your new friends from Kaplan.

Our English Academic Semester courses are 5-6 month English courses that aim to get you from your current level of English up to a very high level of fluency. You can choose between Intensive English and General English course structures, and you can also choose to study specific sections of vocabulary and skills, such as Business English.

Work and Study Australia is the ultimate working holiday in Australia! On our 'Intensive English Work and Study' course you’ll learn English over 6 months while gaining part time employment. If you are on our 'Working Holiday' course you can study for 12-17 weeks and then complete a job placement. You’ll be able to learn English in one of our most intensive programs, and gain some valuable work experience to boost your CV.

English plus Diving (Cairns only) Learn to dive on the English plus Diving course at Kaplan International College Cairns. You will become a certified diver with expert instructors taking you step by step through the classroom requirements, pool training and open water diving. he diving course is 5 days long, and during this time you’ll spend 3 days/2 nights living on board a boat out on the Great Barrier reef.

Intensive English 2 – 12 weeks (more on request) per week
AU$ 330 C, AU$ 370 A B, AU$ 380 M P, AU$ 400 Ma S

Intensive Academic Semester 5 months programme
AU$ 5,500 C, AU$ 6,470 A B, AU$ 6,760 M P, AU$ 7,370 Ma S

Vacation English 2 – 12 weeks (more on request) per week
AU$ 260 C, AU$ 285 A B, AU$ 295 M P, AU$ 330 Ma S

Work and Study (Brisbane only, not suitable for Student Visa)
AU$ 4,460 (accommodation not included)

Cairns Young Student English (accommodation included)
AU$ 1,160 for 1 week, AU$ 1,800 for 2 weeks

Cairns English plus Diving (accommodation not included)
AU$ 1,295 for 2 weeks

A=Adelaide, B=Brisbane, C=Cairns, M=Melbourne, P=Perth, S=Sydney, Ma = Sydney Manly,

AU$ 200 enrolment fee
AU$   44/week Overseas Student Health Cover
AU$   10/week materials fee (max. AU$ 250)

Homestay (16 meals/week)
AU$ 220 C, AU$ 240 B, AU$ 275 Ma, AU$ 340 S
Homestay (14 meals/week)
AUS 240 A, AU$ 250 M P, AU$ 275 S

AU$ 200 Homestay placement fee

Other possibilities like Hostels, Lodges, Guesthouses and Apartments on request.