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University Preparation College (UPC), Bankstown, New South Wales


UPC attracts students from many countries around the world. Some students come to Australia to better their English skills and others seek vocational training to advance their careers back home or in Australia. The majority of UPC students seek further studies at university level.

At UPC you will have a chance to meet with students from all over the world, as well as local Australians. Our nationally recognised programs suit students seeking entry into Australian universities, or the competitive international employment market. Therefore study is both rigorous and serious. However, our pleasant environment and highly supportive academic staff will enable you to successfully attain your qualifications in the minimum time.

Academic Course Progress

Students are required to successfully complete various examinations and practical exercises in reading, writing, speaking and listening. These assessments are carried out throughout the course and a final examination is conducted in week ten.

The home of UPC is Bankstown.

Approximately thirty minutes by train from the city of Sydney, Bankstown is a city in its own right. It has a multicultural mix of people and, as a result, it is a special place with exciting restaurants and cafes, small to large shopping centres, cinemas, theatres and sporting facilities. 

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Study at University Preparation College (UPC)

The English, Accounting and Childcare Programs are designed around a full time study load of 20 hours per week. There are four terms in the academic year, with 9 to 10 weeks for Diploma courses and 10 weeks for English courses in each term. The College has term breaks in which students can work, travel or make a return visit home.

Each course includes a number of subjects. There are lectures; supervised practical work; self-paced learning tasks and major projects. Some courses also require the completion of work placements in order to accumulate the required number of recognised practical hours in a genuine work place.

English 2020

University Preparation College is an approved Australian college for English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS). We offer a range of English courses for students who are preparing for further studies at VET colleges, higher education institutes or universities.

AUS$ 2,500 per term English for Higher Education Study (4 terms)
AUS$ 2,500 per term English for Academic Purpose (2 terms)
AUS$ 2,500 per term Preparation for IELTS (Advanced) (2 terms)
AUS$ 2,500 per term English for Business (Advanced)  (2 terms)

Vet Courses under UPC Scopes 2020

Early Childhood Education & Care Program: Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care; Diploma of Early Childhood Education & Care; Occupation Training Program
AUS$ 8,000 for 4 terms (Standard)
AUS$ 7,000 for 3 terms (Fast track)

Business Program: Certificate III in Business; Certificate IV in Business
AUS$ 6,000 for 3 terms (Standard)
AUS$ 5,000 for 2 terms (Fast track)

Diploma of Leadership and Management Program: The Diploma of Leadership and Management has been designed to turn you into a professional manager, working to inspire, motivate and get the very best out of employees, while at the same time meeting and exceeding business expectations.
AUS$ 8,000 for 4 terms (Standard)
AUS$ 7,000 for 3 terms (Fast track)

Advanced diploma of Leadership and Management: The Advanced Diploma prepares students to work in roles with senior or managerial responsibilities.
AUS$ 8,000 for 4 terms (Standard)
AUS$ 7,000 for 3 terms (Fast track)