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Australian Institute of Professional Education (Sydney) New South Wales


An Invitation to Study at the Australian Institute of Professional Education.
The Australian Institute of Professional Education (AIPE) extends a warm invitation for you to consider furthering your education at our innovative institute centrally-located in North Sydney. At AIPE our aim is to make learning both challenging and exciting. We want our students to have a successful learning experience with AIPE.

We take our mission very seriously. Our aim is to develop our students into confident professionals through our intensive courses, all of which have been specifically designed to ensure you graduate armed with the skills required to succeed in your chosen career.

We meet our goal through our team of highly qualified industry experts who are immensely passionate about education and take pride in nurturing their students to ensure they achieve their potential. Our classrooms are facility-rich and we strive to provide the most up-to-date technology throughout the campus. AIPE provides a sophisticated educational environment both online and on-campus.

All of our on-campus courses are structured so that they're student centred with the ideal mix of interactive elements, group work, classroom learning and social activities. We've recently incorporated a blended learning approach into the bulk of our on-campus academic programs. Studying via a blended learning solution means that the majority of the course is delivered through face-to-face classroom based training and the rest is delivered online via AIPE's e-Learning portal. It's a lot of fun, intensely interactive and an increasingly popular way to learn.

We openly encourage our students to pursue their goals once they've finished their AIPE course – whether it's further study or chasing their dream job. For this reason we offer courses at an advanced level and have also organised a seamless transition into degree courses through affiliated universities. Our varied support services also assist students in finding employment upon graduation.

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At AIPE, we offer all our qualifications through classroom based instruction and these courses are available to both international and local students.

Our teachers are skilled at creating dynamic, interesting lessons that hold the attention of our students, which in turn sparks your thirst for knowledge and develops an inquiring mind. This traditional on-campus learning method offers personal interaction not just between student and lecturer, but also amongst fellow students. Over the years we've found that our students are inevitably motivated by their peers so we provide ample opportunity for you to work together!

We're also aware that your learning environment and campus facilities are a key component of student satisfaction so our trendy campus is conveniently located in North Sydney and our classrooms contain all the latest gadgets.

All AIPE classrooms are equipped with intelligent learning whiteboards. This technology allows images and information to be analysed, reviewed and reworked by students within the classroom environment. This is achieved through interactive projections and hand held graphic tablets. This incredible learning technology was developed in the UK and is a popular learning tool with our students.

Vocational courses    
Certificate IV in Business; Diploma of Business; Advanced Diploma of Business
Diploma of Marketing; Advanced Diploma of Marketing
Diploma of Management; Advanced Diploma of Management
Diploma of Human Resources Management; Advanced Diploma of Management (Human Resources)
Diploma of Accounting; Advanced Diploma of Accounting
Certificate IV in Occupational Health and Safety
Certificate IV in Small Business Management
Certificate IV in Customer Contact
Certificate IV in Frontline Management
Certificate IV in Project Management
Diploma of Project Management

English courses
Certificate IV in TESOL
General English
 Cambridge Preparation for First Certificate of English; ELTS Preparation; Advanced IELTS
English for Academic Purposes, for  Healthcare Professionals or for Business Professionals

  • BUSINESS COURSES (AUS$ 3,545 - 4,020)
  • MARKETING COURSES (AUS$ 8,040 - 8,960)
  • MANAGEMENT COURSES (AUS$ 8,040 - 8,960)
  • ACCOUNTING COURSES (AUS$ 7,035 - 17,920)
  • ENGLISH LANGUAGE COURSES (AUS$ 260 - 320/week)